1NE Scented Candle

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"Think of a candle like a person. 

First & foremost, they have the opportunity to give light to a dark place. 

They give off a pleasing....or not-so-pleasing aroma. 

They are fashioned, purchased elsewhere & often chosen for a specific room in a home. You could say, adopted. They may find adventure, traveling far & wide... but they have been given only one course of life to burn bright. Their fragrance will remain when kept to itself, but it is not until it is lit, that it offers itself to the world around it. Fully spent, all that’s left is the vessel, the shell of a testimony of the quality inside. So, shine bright on the high seas!" ~ Gabe Lytle (Creative and Maker of the candle)


Be the Light Candle: 

Fresh Cut Cedar • Sea Winds • Cardamom & Star Anise

100% American-grown soy

All-natural fragrance & essential oil